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Strengthening Family Events

The most recognized number of children affected by incarceration across Canada is in the area of 450,000.


Children in this situation are dealing with loneliness, shame, anger, grief, community isolation, and school bullying, which may affect their self-esteem, scholastic marks, and interpersonal skills.


To assist with this CFCN has created an event entitled

Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration  

What is this event?

The intent of this Library event is to raise awareness and education, and to offer support to families who deal with crime. In order to reduce trauma for children, the stigma for families, and to create awareness around intergenerational crime, this event is always open to ALL families who wish to attend.


Sesame Street has developed a “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration” resiliency kit. This multimedia outreach initiative has reached great success throughout the United States to provide much-needed resources to support and comfort young children, throughout their parent’s incarceration. They have asked Canadian Families and Corrections Network to distribute these toolkits throughout Canada and the libraries we host our Strengthening Family events at are the recipients of this valuable resource.

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What do we do at these events?

While each library is invited to make it their own, activities throughout the event for children include meeting Sesame Street friends, Big Bird’s reading nest, Cookie Monster’s table (featuring cookies of course!), a viewing of Sesame Street’s Little Children Big Challenges Incarceration DVD, colouring activities, Oscar’s Garbage toss, and a Create your own Comic station.


What else happens? Organizations are invited to offer support and bring their resources for families affected by incarceration. We also have Mayors, Chiefs of Police, Child and Youth Advocates,  correctional partners, politicians, and other community leaders who come to speak about the importance of children in our lives. And there is a great donation of CFCN and Sesame Street items to the library so that all the children in the area can access these valuable resources free of charge.

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What about your area?

It’s a great day! Activities, resources, awareness, as well as many other surprises are all part of our event and we are grateful to each library, funder, and community partner who join us.


We have hosted events all across Canada and our next event is here:

Truro, Nova Scotia


Do you want a Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration’ event in your area?

Contact us and let’s see what’s possible!

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