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CFCN is often asked to consult with government, other agencies, lawyers, etc. on what families think about certain items. This information is used in policy development, to offer awareness and insight, and to assist with research. Below is some of what we have accomplished when we talk to families.  
If you want to give us your opinion on something, go to our CONTACT page.  Right now, people are asking us about what families think of ion scanners,mandatory minimum penalties, and electronic monitoring so let’s hear from you!  What questions or comments do you have?
Strategic Approach and Policy Document to Address the Needs of Families of Offenders: Safety - Respect and Dignity - For all

CFCN's policy recommendations on the families of adult offenders is a ground-breaking document based on an extensive public consultation process to address quality of life and needs of families affected by incarceration and reintegration.

Coping Over Time
Ion Scanner and the Visiting Experience

This is a web-cast of a CKLN radio interview with CFCN's Executive Director at the time, Lloyd Withers, and an anonymous family member on the ion scanner and ion scan technology.


The ion scanner is used to screen visitors for contraband when they visit in a federal correctional facility. Family members and visitors who have a 'positive hit' on the Ion Scanner go through a Threat Risk Assessment interview that may result in closed visits, in their visit being denied or in a physical search.

To download the podcast, click here.

From our research on how crime is affecting families, we asked people for assistance, advice, and ideas on how to cope with crime in their families so we could offer this information to other families. This booklet is the result of that consultation. 

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