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Resources - Reintegration

Reintegration is not easy.  It's a time of happiness and change. Your returning family member needs a place to stay, a job, and social connections that are positive and will assist in their success.  A plan is the best way to get ready so here's some information to assist your family.

Time's Up

A reintegration toolkit for families who want to plan for successful family reintegration following incarceration.  

A New Time

Following incarceration, women and their families face unique challenges related to family and community reintegration.  This toolkit assists the family, the woman, or those who provide services to women and their families.

Coping Over Time
Parole Book!
FCJ Vol 19 No 1

Families and friends frequently ask Canadian Families and Corrections Network through our toll-free line, our Visiting Resource Centres, or our Family Support Groups, about how they can help a person who is serving time in prison with the parole process. This booklet is a direct result of those questions. We hear you.

This document would not be possible without a generous grant from The Law Foundation of Ontario. Thank you!

Canadian families affected by reintegration can request a free print copy of any of our resources
through our CONTACT page. Organizations are welcome to place orders by contacting us as well.

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