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Resources - Children

Children are never responsible for their parents' decisions and yet are the 'hidden' victims in the correctional system.  The impact of incarceration on them at school, in social situations, mentally, and physically is great. CFCN works very hard to continually create awareness and resources for these innocent victims of crime.

Telling the Children

CFCN is grateful for a generous donation from the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area (CFKA) to allow us to offer a brochure entitled "Telling the Children - How to Talk to Children about a Loved One’s Incarceration". This resource was created to offer parents, caregivers, and teachers information and support on how to explain incarceration to children. 

Telling the Children - English

كيف تتحدث مع الأطفال عن سجن شخص عزيز على قلبهم - Arabic

告诉孩子怎样与孩子谈论所爱者的监禁 - Mandarin

Cómo hablar con los niños cuando un ser querido ha sido encarcelado - Spanish

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Jeffrey Goes to Jail

Jeffrey's going to jail, but he didn't do anything wrong - he's going to a correctional facility to visit his incarcerated father. 

This storybook describes Jeffrey's experience with the metal detector, the ion scan, the drug dog, and finally being able to hug his father.

Jeffrey Goes to Jail was recognized by the United Nations on the Day of the Child in Geneva in 2012.

Jeffrey's Out of Jail

CFCN asked the author Marg Holland, and illustrator Shawn Cox, to join together again to create a Jeffrey sequel.  What happens to Jeffery?  His dad goes to his parole hearing, gets out of jail, and begins his journey to a half-way house and back into his family and community.  How do Jeffrey and his family manage the transition?  What are some of the bumps in the road?  Who helps them along the way?  Well, you will have to read the book to find out!

Jeffrey's Out of Jail

Canadian Families and Corrections Network has just released its new storybook dedicated to children who face the challenge of having a mom in a correctional institution in an effort to offer them education, resiliency, and hope.

Letter Writing Kits
Letter Kit - EN.jpg

Have you seen our new Letter-Writing Kits for children to stay in contact with their loved ones inside? We pack in stationary, envelopes, fun pencils/pens, stickers, a bookmark, our Parent-Child Activity Sheets below, and anything else we can think of to create a fun kit for a child. Everything is free so just send us a message here or contact us on our Facebook page to get yours!

Parent-Child Activity Sheets

CFCN and the students from the University of Guelph in Ontario teamed up to create some innovative parent-child bonding sheets. Use these fun worksheets for stories, pictures, and activities to send back and forth from jail to home or use on the phone or during visits to encourage parent-child bonding. Just click on the puzzle next to your item to get started!

Ants on a Log

Apple Nachos


Conversation Questions

Create a Rainbow

Draw the Snowman

Drawing with Symbols and Shapes

Family Picture

Finish this Sentence

Fun with Food

Mad Libs

Marshmallow Fun

One Word at a Time

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Poetry Language

Sky Gazing

Story Time

Storytime Starting with a Picture

Super Powers


What do you Hear?

What is my Job?

Which Animal am I?

Word Scramble

Word Search

Worms in Dirt

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Canadian families with children can request a free print copy of any of our resources
through our CONTACT page. Organizations are welcome to place orders by contacting us as well.

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