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There are many great organizations across Canada that assist families/friends who have someone incarcerated.  Below are some of the great places we know about.  If you know of another group, send us a message on our CONTACT page.

Corrections Information

Correctional Service of Canada (CSC)

CSC's website contains a great deal of 

information for families


Forms to Visit a Federal Institution

Forms need to be sent to the institution you wish to visit

CSC/SCC 0653E       - Visiting Application

CSC/SCC 0653-01E  - Child Safety Waiver

CSC Locations

National and Regional Headquarters

Administrative Offices

Federal Insitutions

Parole Offices

Community Correctional Centres

Office of the Correctional Investigator (OCI)

The OCI is the ombudsman for federal

offenders. They are to investigate and

resolve complaints from those in prison.

They also review and make recommendations

on CSC's policies and procedures to ensure

that areas of concern are identified and

appropriately addressed.

F.E.A.T. (Fostering/Empowering/Advocating Together for Children)
Run a bus from Etobicoke (Toronto) ON to the Kingston area prisons each weekend for family visits. (You do not need to be a parent with children to ride the bus.) 

(416) 505-5333

The John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington & Area ON
Offer transportation to ??

(905) 522 4446 ext 247

Bus system in Winnipeg?

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